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The club is on the cusp of a new golden generation with six swimmers qualifying for the 2019 District Regional Programme.


Caelin Chan, Fraser Cowie, Lewis Gibson, Erin Moore, Sophie Steele and Isla Waller have made the grade this time, doubling the number of North Ayrshire athletes who were picked for the training camps last year.

Isla has qualified for the second year running, as has Sophie, who transferred from the South Ayrshire team during theseason.

To get invited onto the programme the swimmers have to post at least four qualifying times in the previous year, as set by Scottish Swimming, including at least one in a 200m (or even longer) event and, crucially, one in a stroke other than freestyle, thus placing a premium on all-round ability.

They’ll attend up to three one day sessions along with swimmers from across the West District who’ve also made it onto the first rung of the Scottish Swimming development ladder.

“It’s a testament to their hard word that they’ve secured the qualifying times over the last year and been invited onto the programme,” says Junior Coach, Alan Dickson.

 “It’s a great opportunity to learn new skills and consolidate what they’ve learned and make new friendships.
It’s been six years since the club had so many swimmers qualify for DRP, which has proven over the years to be a great indicator of future potential.

Of the six who took part in 2013, three of them – Rory Dickson, Connor Tarran and Emma Scully – went on to compete at British championship events, while Evan Clark and Abbie Freeman swam for the North Ayrshire at SNAGS.

“It’s great for the club to have so many kids making it onto the programme,” says Alan, “and as a coach I’m over the moon.

“I can look to the younger members of the club and see there’s a steady stream of prospects coming through.”