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The competitive season begins in earnest in September, and with it the realisation that swimming is not a spectator sport!
Portal race 2016 x 1512
As parents of children in our junior squads soon discover, being  a swim mum, or dad, requires a lot more than just taxi driving to the pool.
(Although  we can’t deny there’s a lot of that!)
Unlike sports such as football, swimming galas need an army of volunteers to make them happen, whether it is the officials around the pool, the team working the timing systems, making sure kids are ready for their next race on time - or the most vital job of all - keeping the tea flowing and handing round the sweeties.
What’s more, if we don’t get behind our kids all their hard hours in training and competition could count for nothing.

RoslynIf there are not the stipulated number of technical officials then a meet will not be accredited, which means the times the kids set cannot be used to qualify for programmes like DRP or national level meets.

A swimming club is a team effort and your kids are relying on you!

Over the next week we’ll be going round encouraging our mums and dads to take on a role at our Foundation / Development Meets over the weekend 14/15 September.

If your child is swimming please put your name down to help - because one day it might be your swimmer who misses out because someone else chose just to sit and watch.....

And for parents of swimmers who’re already competing at West District level there is a new online registration system for officials starting from the Sprints and Relays meet this coming weekend.

The club could face a fine if we don’t provide our share of STOs so if you’re going along please do your bit and let them know in advance here.