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Lynne GibsonIntroducing our newly elected club President – Lynne Gibson.

Lynne will be a familiar face to many of our swimmers and parents having served on the committee for the last two years in charge of kit.

She played a leading role in transforming the image of the club during our rebranding project in 2018 setting up the deal with Zeon for our team gear and co-ordinating the supplies of racing caps.

(This role is being taken on in 2020 another Lynne - Lynne Convery – so watch this space for more about this year’s committee and who does what.)

A senior primary school teacher by day, Lynne told us about her ambitions for North Ayrshire Swimming as President.

“As a committee we want to take the club forward,” she explains. “We’ve all worked hard over the last two years building it up and we want to ensure that momentum is carried on.”

“We want to encourage more parents to take an active role in running the club so we’re utilising all the skills and resources we have so we get better outcomes for all of us, regardless of which squad you swim in or how often.

“It’s not just about what happens in the pool, we want to have more social events and fun things for the kids to do, so that we all feel more of a community."

Lynne’s been part for the club for more that three years since her eldest son, Lewis, got involved aged 9.

“He was taking swimming lessons and during the summer holidays he took part in a free trial with the club and it’s grown arms and legs from there!”

His younger brother, Cameron, swims a couple of times a week in the silver squad.

“I think having swimmers in the younger squads helps me to keep a perspective, and doing kit for the past couple of years has helped me to keep in touch with people right through the club from Development through to National, as well as Synchro and the Masters.”

In addition to all her duties as President (and there are many!) Lynne is among our most committed technical officials, and is qualified as a Judge 1 and working towards her Judge 2 status.

She can be contacted through the usual club enquiry email address or feel free to have a chat when you see her in the gallery during training sessions.