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In an exciting move for the future of North Ayrshire Swimming we're delighted to announce we're creating a band new squad: Junior Masters.

Junior Masters 3

The aim is simply to keep young people active in our sport and swimming for longer.

We hear a lot of talk about the 'sporting pathway' but the reality for too many young athletes is the pathway ends in a cliff edge.

Whether it's because they are worn down by the demands of intense training, the pressures of balancing sporting commitments against the need to focus on their education or a move into the world of work, too many of our teenagers just stop swimming completely.

We believe what they need is a way to stay involved with the sport – and retain their social ties to their former teammates – in a way which suits their changing lives.

Says Head Coach, Jess Wilkie: “This is something I have been working on for some time. I feel the club is in a great position and we are ready to introduce Junior Masters as a new branch to our ever-growing tree.

“We now offer something for every kind of swimmer, helping to meet our ultimate target of attracting and retaining as many swimmers as possible.”

The hope is that this new squad will attract members of the National squad who no longer wish to complete at the highest level, to help them rediscover the enthusiasm that got them into swimming in the first place, and entice back members who have left us in the not-so-distant past.

The club has put together a timetable spread across the week, and across North Ayrshire, offering flexibility, social interaction and no minimum training requirement.

Junior Masters 4The sessions will be:

Portal Tuesday 0600-0700

Garnock Wednesday 0600-0730

Largs Thursday 0600-0700

Portal Thursday 2000-2100

Harvies Saturday 0700-0900

Harvies Sunday 1615-1815