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North Ayrshire Swimming’s Synchro squad put themselves to the test for the first time in 2020 at the Grade Day held at the pool in Bo’ness.

Synchro Grade Group Feb 20

These grades are a test of their skills and are a passport to being able to enter synchro competitions.

Each grade has 3 levels so depending on the marks from the judges they can receive a gold, silver or bronze award.

This time Erin Furey was resitting her Grade 4 looking to improve on her score from last time, which she achieved. It was also great practice for figure competitions.

Erin Patten and Grace Thom passed Grade 3. Erin was also taking the test again looking to do better and came back with a silver pass!

Hannah McMillan and Layla Reid scored passes in their Grade 2, while Abigail Whitby and Chloe Peckover began their synchro grade journeys getting through their Grade 1.

Synchro Grade Certs Feb 20