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A message to all our swimmers and families from Junior Coach, Alan Dickson

Alan swimmers 1224 x 918The news that all training is being suspended for the foreseeable future has probably come as no surprise to you.

Swimming is in lockdown along with almost every other sport, and as disappointing as it is, I’m sure we all appreciate the reasons why it is being done.

I know how many months of hard work you’ve been putting into reaching your goals, with many achieving qualifying times for national meets for the first time.

No one can take these achievements away from you, and there is still the hope that we will be able to compete at a later date.

As well as the frustration we’re all feeling right now, its understandable that many swimmers will also be feeling very uncertain about the future.

I’d suggest you think of it this way: all the hard work and learning on the run up to this point in the season is like money in the bank. It’s available for you to draw on when we get back to racing.

Now is the time to focus on the things we can do, even if we can’t get in the pool.

The one thing you can do – even those self-isolating – is to keep working at keeping your body supple and flexible.

(We’ll have more suggestions for you about land training at home in the weeks ahead)

We can plan how we can best ensure your swimming gets back on track when things open up again.

Remember that your coaches are always available for advice and guidance.

Most important, lets make sure none of us forgets that our club is a community and we should all help each other to stay focused and work through this time so we can come out the other end as a unit

Once this period of disruption passes - which it will - let’s make sure our first meet back was worth waiting for!