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The Scottish Government announcement about the reopening of swimming pools from 31st August is great news for the club, but you’re probably wondering what happens next?

A number of things have to happen before we can get back in the water.

Sport Scotland and Scottish Swimming must get the Covid safety procedures approved by the Scottish Government.  We will also have to agree on safety measures and pool time with KA Leisure. 

We’re going to be having discussions with KA Leisure this week and hopefully we’ll have a lot more certainty very soon.

What will sessions look like?

After such a long time out of the water we will be building slowly. Lots of kick and long easy swimming as the last thing we want is to injure shoulders by going too hard too soon.

We can expect to be operating with restrictions on the number of swimmers in each lane.

There will be less flexibility and you will need to book in for sessions in advance. 

Portal 1200 x 900There will be a strict limit on how many swimmers we can have in a pool at each time, and it may be that we have to allocate sessions to swimmers instead of swimmers picking the ones which suit them best.

We will also be required to keep a register of all the swimmers who are at our sessions in case the Test and Protect teams need to see who was at a pool & when – just like when you sign in at a pub and restaurant.

We’re absolutely committed to getting all squads back in the water at the same time if at all possible.

We recognise our youngest swimmers have missed out the most during lockdown and they are the future of the club.

One of the main arguments to the Government for getting swimming going again was to give Scots opportunities to look after their health.  Swimming is acknowledged as the best sport for all ages, so we need to get our Masters back too.

Land streamlineMeantime we’ll continue with our programme of outdoor land training sessions for the Silver, Gold, Youth and National squads.

We’re delighted with the enthusiasm our swimmers have shown for these.

You may wonder why our Development squad haven’t been included?

In everything we did during lockdown safety was our first consideration.  With most Development swimmers being younger and having very little or no land input in the normal run of things we didn’t feel it was the right time to try and introduce something completely new.