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Covid SanitiserThere are new rules we have to follow when using the leisure centres at the Portal, Auchenharvie and Vikingar.

There is no spectating allowed at the pools.

We ask that swimmers are dropped off outside the main entrance and walk in on their own, not in groups.  Physical distancing must be observed at all times inside the venue. 

The only exceptions to this are the youngest swimmers in the Development Squad. An adult can accompany them inside to where you meet the club Covid Officer who will check them in to the session. 

There is provision in the guidance for swimmers who require a chaperone to have a carer assist them with changing. It would help if you could discuss these arrangements with the club before coming to your first session.

Face coverings must be worn from as soon as you enter the building until you leave changing room to go onto poolside. We also recommend they are worn when travelling to the venue.

Swimmers must use the sanitising stations set up at the leisure centres to clean their hands.

Make your way straight to the changing room entrance where you will meet the club Covid Officer – you do not need to check in at the KA Leisure entrance desk.

Swimmers should come ‘beach ready’ with your trunks / costume beneath your clothing.

Covid BagLockers are not in use – put your clothes in a bag and take them onto poolside.

Swimmers must have a very brief shower BEFORE the start of the session but there will be NO showers afterwards.

A swim lane will be allocated to you and each lane will have its own area where you can leave your outer clothing.

When the training session ends leave the pool only when directed by the coach, return to your lane area on poolside and put your clothes on over your wet costume and put on your face covering again.

Leave the poolside using the same route you came in and exit the centre promptly.

Parents of development squad swimmers should wait – physically distanced – outside the main entrance. The swimmers will be brought out by the Covid Officer when they are changed.