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Covid Lanes smallThere are strict rules on the number of swimmers in each lane.

You will be told your lane number by the Covid Officer when you check in.

All lanes must swim CLOCKWISE – this is different to how we used them before.

The lanes will be split so swimmers begin their set from opposite ends of the pool.  If there are 6 swimmers then 3 will start from the deep end and 3 at the shallow end.

Good lane discipline is more important that ever now.  You must maintain a 5 second gap while swimming.

Swimmers must also do all they can to stay physically distanced from each other when resting at the end of the pool.

Drinks bottles and kit must have your name written clearly on them – there will be no refills so have a big enough bottle.

Covid Kit SmallOnly bring a kickboard, pull buoy and fins – take everything else out of your bag.

Swimmers must keep all their equipment separate from other swimmers at the end of the lane so that you do not touch each other’s kit.

You may only use your own equipment.  If you do not have it please purchase it now.

Swimmers will be allowed to take a toilet break during the session but it must be done one at a time.

If a swimmer feels unwell, or needs a medical time out, the Covid Officer will take them to separate area on poolside where they must remain until they are able to rejoin the session, or leave the venue.