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Club training sessions resume at Garnock Campus pool from 11th November but there are new access arrangements to make sure leisure users to not have to pass through any parts of the school.

Instead of using the main entrance pool users go in through one of the fire exits facing the car park which now has a KA Leisure sign above the doors.

Garnock Entrance

The corridors are marked out with tape on the floor to keep people separated when entering and leaving but there is much less space than at the other venues. 

For this reason it is especially important that our swimmers do try to enter more than 5 minutes before the start of the session and come in one at a time.

If you arrive early please wait in your cars. 

DO NOT gather in groups outside the entrance doors.

The Covid Officer will be positioned in the stairwell to check the swimmers in.

Garnock Stairwell

Pass through the doors on the left into a short corridor, passing the temporary KA Leisure reception desk, which leads you to the usual door in the changing rooms.

Garnock Corridor

Remove your shoes and walk through to the pool area to find the athlete area for your lane and remove your clothing there.

After the session follow the same route in reverse, obeying the direction markings on the floor.