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North Ayrshire swimmers put in a series of dominant performances to claim 43 medals at the Ayrshire Secondary School Championships.


Although officially representing their high schools they swam in club colours and were coached on poolside by Alan Dickson and Jacqui Tarran.


We had 28 swimmers competing at the Citadel in Ayr and now 10 of them can call themselves Ayrshire’s official age group champions, some of them claiming multiple titles.


Here’s a rundown of the 43 medals.


Fraser Kelly:  Gold 200m Fly + 100m Fly + 200m Free

Andrew Sutherland:  Gold 400m Free,  Silver 100m Free + 200m Free

Connor Tarran:  Silver 100m Fly,  Bronze 200m IM

Jacob Tarran:  Bronze 100m Fly +  200m Fly

Abby Kane:  Silver 100m Back  + 200m Back

James Stuart:  Gold 50m Breast,  Silver 50m Fly  +  50m Back

Rachel McGuire:  Gold 100m Fly +   200m Fly, Bronze 100m Free

Rachael Grant:  Gold 200m IM,  Silver 200m Fly

Eve Mair:  Silver 200m Free, Bronze 200m Fly :  400m Free

Leah Stark:  Silver 200m IM

Rory Dickson:  Gold  100m Breast +  200m IM  + 400m IM

Evan Clark:  Gold 100m Fly  Silver 200m IM, Bronze 100m Breast

Gavin Friels:  Bronze 100m Breast  + 200m Breast

Adam Currie:  Gold 200m IM  Silver 100m Fly,  Bronze 100m Free

Heather Stuart:  Bronze 200m IM

Nathan Hughes:  Gold 200m Breast  Silver 400m Free, Bronze 400m IM

Robbie Gray:  Bronze 400m Free

Jennifer Murray:  Gold 200m Free  + 400m Free, Silver 100m Breast


More significant than the medals is that 13 of our swimmers – nearly half the squad – posted consideration times for the Brodies Scottish Schools Championships in January, with 22 in total:


Adam Currie :  200m IM  + 100m Fly

Eilidh Moore : 100m Free

Leah Stark:  200m Fly +  100m Free

Jennifer Murray:  200m Free + 400m Free

Eve Mair:  200m Free + 200m Fly

Rory Dickson:  400m IM +  200m IM

Rachael Grant:  200m Fly

Evan Clark:  100m Breast  + 200m IM

Rachel McGuire: 100m Fly + 200m Fly

Jacob Tarran: 200m Fly

Andrew Sutherland: 100m Free +  200m Free

Abby Kane: 100m Back

Fraser Kelly: 100m Free+  200m Fly