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Synchro ShonahSynchro mum, Shonah Thom, is limbering up to take on the London Marathon next weekend to raise funds for the club, and our swimmers are joining in too!
It’ll be only the second time she’s run the full 26 miles, in Edinburgh in 2017, but she does have 7 half marathons under her belt.
After winning a place in the ballot for a start in London, Shonah is challenging our squads to raise money in the pool by collecting sponsorship for racking up either 27 lengths, 27 Kms or 27 miles by next Sunday.
Her daughter, Grace, started training with North Ayrshire Synchro in the summer of  2017.
“She just loves it,” says Shonah, “even on Sunday when she is up early and doing 2 sessions.
“I love that she has made so many friends of different ages and that I have also made friends amongst the parents and everyone is so welcoming.”
CLICK HERE for Shonah's fundraising page to show your support for her and the club.